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I missed February – it went by like a summer breeze.  March is turning out a little better, but it’s work still.

I got connected to a wonderful site, careerealism.com. J.T. O’Donnell is an extremely positive career coach, and provides several free webinars on various topics. One such was the concept of creating an “Interview Bucket List”, which can be found at the following link: Video on Interview Bucket List. This is a way to start with what you love, attempt to make contacts at those companies whom you admire doing the things you love, then through contacts will find an open position.
Note she doesn’t recommend stopping the job boards altogether, but she stresses that not using social media and contacts, instead applying for jobs cold and praying something happens, will take a lot longer to obtain employment.

Crossing fingers this new approach will work.


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One month down.  I have seen a substantial increase in job postings, which leads me to believe companies were waiting out 2009 in 4Q, and seeing what their budgets would be like in 2010.  No problem here.

It’s good to see an increase; it gives hope.

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I’ve been looking for 3 months, and I’ve learned some things along the way:

1) Not everyone gets back to you after first submittal.  You learn which ones you can connect with.  Others, there is nothing to do but wait and hope.

2) Businesses in general are taking longer to respond, due to factors like budget, resources, number of candidates, etc..  This is just how the market is right now.  Everyone is in the same boat, so being positive has helped tremendously.  There are jobs out there – one will be available.

3) Best to network, join groups, do more to stay active outside of checking the job boards.  Quite different than 13 years ago, but on the plus side there is a wealth of knowledge out there for free, and many people give it for free.  Gold star to them!  Would love to reciprocate.

At least I’ve been having some positive responses.  I have two possible opportunities at the moment, both in Oregon.  I don’t expect much before the New Year.  Fingers are getting cramped from crossing.

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